Signature Production Group serves the audio/visual and creative production needs for meetings and special events.

Thanks for taking the time to visit our website—it’ll give you a good idea of our capabilities and the types of projects that we produce. But that’s really only part of the story. Program after program our customers remind us how much they love working with our team.

We can’t talk much about our agency partners and the Fortune 1000 companies that we serve together, but no matter what part of the country they’re hosting an event from, we’re their go-to production resource because of our people.

Admittedly, our brand of service and excellence isn’t for everyone; there are cheaper production vendors out there. But our specialty is live, virtual and hybrid corporate events where there’s a lot on the line. If you need an experienced, dedicated team, with the latest and best production technology at their disposal, you’ve come to the right place

We steadily invest in the latest production technology, and continually update our inventory to ensure the best, highest quality production systems possible. As a boutique resource for talented professionals and high quality audio, video and lighting solutions, our focus is on one program at a time.


Event Technology

Signature Production Group provides technology for live events: PA systems, digital mixing consoles, projection screens, LED walls, media servers, motors, truss, automated lighting, reusable or bespoke scenic and more. In addition to the production equipment, we provide start-to-finish project management, creativedesign, and on-site technical artists and technicians.

Our staff is continually adopting the latest technology and methods to ensure unique, high-quality experiences for our customers and meeting attendees.

Virtual & Hybrid Events

With ten virtual control rooms, we can handle virtual general sessions, seminars and breakouts of any size. In addition to typical “broadcast” capabilities, remote presenters have the type of support they’re accustomed to when they stand on a stage-a teleprompter feed, current/next graphics, notes, and countdown timer right on their screen.

We can also accommodate any combination of live and online presenters, and live and online audiences. Our portable connection racks use Reidel VOIP, Dante and WebSRT to connect multiple ballrooms, studios, corporate offices or training centers for a “hub and spoke” broadcast.

LED Studio/XR Stage

Our 180-degree wraparound LED wall is the perfect setting for a host or live presenters broadcasting to a virtual audience.
Our Disguise One VX4 and RX provides content to the screen while our Tricaster 2 Elite switcher manages the studio cameras. We can also put remote callers on the screen so a live host can conduct an interview or panel discussion.

It’s easy to change the shape and size of the stage, and add practical set pieces (such as our acrylic towers, arches, and panels) to add dimension.
Additionally, camera tracking and generative content (using Unity, Notch or Unreal Engine) give us endless options for realistic, immersive backgrounds.


Meet the Team

Greg Foster

In his 25 years of experience in the industry, Greg has spent time in every area of live event production. Most recently, he’s led the charge in adding our “hard set” capabilities so that we can handle more of our customers scenic needs in-house.

Greg is passionate about what he does and strives for excellence in everything he’s involved in. His ability to keep an eye on the big picture as well as the smallest details makes him the perfect project manager for you.

Rece TenHaken

Operations & Logistics Manager

Rece has spent two decades in various production environments from live corporate events to the installation and design of immersive experiences.

As a FOH engineer, monitor engineer, and systems technician for large arena events he learned firsthand the importance of equipment organization, quality control and attention-to- detail.

Joel Paige

VP, Production

It’s hard to find a more impressive combination of technical director, artist and technician than Joel Paige. As a live audio engineer, he’s mixed the largest bands under a wide variety of circumstances. As a musician and studio engineer he has a finely-tuned ear— the result is that SPG’s audio systems sound their best, in any room, under any circumstances.

Joel also oversees all fabrication including set construction and steel fabrication at Signature Production Group.

Dave Schwarz


Dave’s passions are around building teams and creating experiences, and Signature Production Group is the third successful production company that he has founded.

Dave is involved in every investment decision made by the company, so he’s well-versed in current and emerging tools and their capabilities. But he’s ultimately fueled by building teams that create environments and impact audiences.