There’s nothing we’d rather be doing than supporting your live event or broadcast needs.

Flawlessly delivering the perfect moment to inspire your audience is our highest priority. Providing the right production solutions for your corporate events is our passion.




During a live event or broadcast, every cue, every transition, everything we do is a reflection of your brand to the audience.

That’s a serious responsibility that goes far beyond just providing audiovisual equipment and staff to run it. You’ll appreciate the fact that our dedication to excellence is unmatched in the industry.




How our teams interact and support each other is integral to our success.

As an “all in one” production technology provider, our audio, video, lighting and scenic departments operate as a cohesive team working towards a singular goal – to thrill clients with our work.




Not only are we continuously challenging ourselves to use technology in new ways, but we’re constantly on the lookout for inspiration.

Whether that’s an interesting pre-show environment, a unique stage layout, a new way to use LED tiles, or a jaw-dropping lighting design, let us loose and watch how creative our team can be.




We’re proud of our efforts in the area of SUSTAINABILITY. Some examples include:

Elimination of all lamp-based projection and lighting. LED and Laser light sources draw lower power and will likely never need to be replaced.

An extensive investment in fiber optics – a significantly more eco-friendly solution than copper cables.

Our commitment to lightweight, modular scenic that can be re-configured, re-branded and re-used in a variety of different ways for years to come.

Finding ongoing uses for our older technology that can have a second life – often donated to a performance space or house of worship in a developing country.




We test, bulletproof and train our staff on new technologies before deploying them on your events.

From integrating cutting-edge equipment and capabilities to making existing systems easier and faster to set-up, our team is continually innovating.