Global Virtual Broadcast


One of our regular clients came to us with a unique challenge: to broadcast 6+ hours of content, around the world in every time zone, for 5 days straight. The international conglomerate and leadership were based out of Switzerland. They provided a live, green screen feed of their presenters to our St. Charles studio.

We composited single and multiple presenters onto a virtual stage environment. We were even able to place every slide and video on to a “virtual” screen within this virtual setting. The final signal out to the audience looked like a contemporary studio, like you would see for a major awards program or high end news program, with presenters interacting with their slides as if they were behind them on a screen.

Certainly, the technology and equipment is key, but the true success derived from the positive attitude and hard work of the entire team. We created overlapping shifts of production leads and key positions as we were either recording and editing or broadcasting live for more than 14 hours each day.